Friday, December 11

Ho Ho Ho's Everywhere!!!!

SantaCon, to illuminate, is the annual Santa "Convention" where people roam all over Manhattan (and sometimes parts of Brooklyn) singing carols, giving out candy, ho-ho-ho'ing, all dressed up like Santa, sexy elves (because, really, dressing up like Santa is all about sexy, right? I mean, right????), Xmas trees, dreidels, and any other Xmas-like costume one can dream up....

Okay, it's really pretty much a pub crawl with general rabble-rousing starting tomorrow morning at 10. That is not me, above, in the pic with P, just a cutie "conventioneer," part of the Santa pack parading on the 6 train. I've gone in the past (can I hear it for the sexy elves?! I've been in the NYPost 2 years in a row, people!), but if it's going to be as cold as it was this morning when I walked the dog, I'm rethinking bringing sexy SantaCon, that is.

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