Friday, May 13

Our House is a very, very, very Still House

So many boutiques have been biting the bullet lately in our 'hood, but hope truly springs eternal on our favorite block -- yes, rebirth and rejuvenation abound on East 7th Street in the EV!
Entrance to Still House boutique
New to the nabe, Still House is still applying the finishing touches to its earthy, natural ambience, residing in the spot recently vacated by Lazio Studios hair salon, who earlier in the year expanded out to a second store front, that, well, sadly is no more.  

Still House proprietor/jewelry designer Urte Tylaite says she is organizing a community of artists within her "house." As a name and a concept, Still House, she explains to me, symbolizes the struggles and successes of a group in general and her immigrant parents in particular, who moved here less than a decade ago from Lithuania. Her father built a new family house in Long Island from the ground up with his own hands, and the shop sobriquet is an homage to the calm, quiet relaxed feel of that abode. Obviously, Urte springs a very talented and creative family!

 The new boutique carries glass art, like the faceted vase, above, from Thaddeus Wolfe and the Hug lights on the shelves, below, from Kim Harty, who actually hugs her work while it's cooling, wearing a fireproof suit, naturally. (I give her major props: one reason I never learned to blow glass was that I always feared I would reach out and touch the molten glass as if it were clay. Pottery has proven a much more forgiving medium for me!)

The lovely Urte also carries sweet little pieces of affordable pottery bud vases shaped like stones and rocks, cast metal objets like birds' feet, above right, skulls or insects and 3-D postcards.

 Ephemeral jewelry in natural wooden cases is courtesy of Brooklyn-based Swallow and Jené DeSpain. Additional jewelry works, like the colorful rings, are by Silva/Bradshaw.

 The new shop between Avenue A and First will be open for business Thursdays through Sundays, 11 to 8 p.m., prime East Village shopping hours!


  1. nice store! maybe Phillippo could sell some of his beautiful blown glass there.

  2. This is a beautiful post! What gorgeous photographs of this stunning boutique. Thank you so much for highlighting my jewelry.
    Have a lovely day,
    jené despain



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