Wednesday, November 16

A New Kind of Thanksgiving: Livin' Clean, Livin' Raw

Happy Meal, my way.

My 2-week raw food cleanse
draws to its finish tomorrow. I will miss being guided by the lovely Sacha Jones during her Stiggly's Sassy Autumn Cleanse. I will also miss the community of "cleansers" I met online during the cleanse, miss their support and encouragement, their sharing and courageous honesty. I thought I'd miss coffee, but I don't! Mostly, I think I'll miss the time spent learning about new eating options, my emotional food ties and new external and internal ways of dealing with life in general. These will continue. Life is continual education.

I will wrap up more lessons learned later, but wanted to share some pix of my raw concoctions from the past week. Stay tuned for recipes to follow this next week.

And if you have any of your own, please comment below and share! Thanks!

 Beet tofu salad, sunchokes with carrots and black sesame seeds

 Chia seed pudding

Homemade kale chips

 Kale and brussel sprouts salad 
mint, flax seeds, arugula and organic watercress

 Beet carrot soup

Spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce

Dessert almond-maca milk
topped with mint

 Zucchini cole slaw with Bragg's sauce

 Beet Napoleon

Cacao chia seed pudding

Traditional greenie drink

Bon appetite. 

With much gratitude and blissful blessings to all who journeyed with me these past two weeks.
xx kim

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